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  • Assist Builders and Architects in the design and specification of window and door products

  • Ensure specified window and door products comply with all governing Building Codes and project specific performance and design criteria

  • Provide value engineering options and ideas for budgetary or compliance purposes

  • Thorough plan and document review to provide accurate and timely proposals from concept to contract

  • Expert installation insight and consultation on window and door flashing and waterproofing details

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  • Proactive collaboration with Project Managers and Superintendents on scheduling, sequence, and site logistics through duration of project

  • Project specific Walker Windows Superintendents consult with other trades and pre-walk window and door openings before delivery and installation

  • Inspect all product from manufacturers to ensure a high level of quality is met and the order is accurate prior to installation

  • Spreading of windows and doors to specified openings upon delivery to minimize installation time and potential damage to product by other trades

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  • Crew leads are qualified AAMA Certified Installation Masters™

  • Expert knowledge in applying technical window and door flashing details

  • Walker Windows assigned Superintendents coordinate installation crews to ensure a timely and efficient installation

  • Quality checks are performed during installation process to deliver high quality installs

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  • Experienced service technicians to perform final adjustments and screen installation

  • Skilled in quoting and providing broken and scratched glass replacements

  • Provides close-out and warranty documents

  • Coordination of manufacturer warranty work