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  • Assist in architectural window design for new projects.
  • Provide accurate proposals, budgetary numbers, value engineering options and ideas for the window and door packages based on the architectural drawings.
  • Provide accurate information, submittals and samples to the projects Owners, Architects, Builders and General Contractors.
  • Provide expert insight to flashing and waterproofing details for projects.
  • Work with Project Managers and Superintendents to help with project delivery and installation schedules.
  • Inspect all products from the manufacturer to ensure a high level of quality is met and the order is complete and accurate prior to jobsite delivery.
  • Provide equipment, tools, expertise and experience to deliver and spread product accurately and efficiently throughout project.
  • Pre-walk projects before installation to ensure production schedules are kept and if corrections are needed we provide a written list for the customer.
  • Installation Masters™ certified installers.  Additional training and certification provided by Flashing manufacturer’s such as Waterblock and Grace to help ensure Walker Windows Installers provide a professional installation.
  • Quality Control Managers provide inspection of the product after installation to ensure our installation quality is the best it can be.
  • Final adjustments to the product to ensure product is working correctly.
  • After each job is complete, we continue our support. We understand products break, get out of alignment or are in need of some minor maintenance after the sale so we continue our support to ensure our Customer’s Satisfaction.

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